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Why is firewall installation important?
November 15, 2021 at 4:00 PM
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Firewall installation is one of the most important security measures to implement for your business. Just as you would protect your business premises from intrusions and theft with locks and security cameras, it’s equally important to protect your computer systems and digital network with a solid firewall.

At Logic, we’re committed to providing top-notch firewall security for your business. Here’s what you need to know about our firewall installation services in the Philadelphia area.

Firewall basics

The term ‘firewall’ originally referred to a literal wall that protected a building from fire. It’s the same principle with network firewalls except in this instance, instead of actual fires, the ‘wall’ keeps out cyber threats.

An effective firewall acts as a line of defense against unauthorized access to your computers and network, thereby protecting your data from being compromised. If the firewall detects any suspicious or malicious attempts to breach your private network, it will not allow it through.

Firewalls can either be hardware or software based. For a home network with regular internet usage, a software-based firewall may suffice. However, for business networks, a hardware-based firewall may be more ideal as it can protect multiple devices without having to configure them individually.

Why your business systems need a firewall

Firewalls are the foundation of network security in modern computing. Without one, your business could fall victim to a cyber-attack and lose all kinds of important, confidential data. Not only would this disrupt your business processes, but it would also impact productivity and likely damage your brand’s reputation.


Cyber threats are on the rise

Cyber threats remain a pressing concern, especially now that remote working has become the norm. Employees accessing the company network from multiple locations and using different devices make the network systems more susceptible to attack.

According to recent research, the number of publicly-reported data breaches as of September 2021 has already exceeded the total number of cases reported in 2020 by 17%. Now more than ever, you must be proactive with your business’s digital network security.

Some immediate threats that a firewall can protect you from include:

  • Remote login — This is when a cybercriminal gains access to your device remotely and proceeds to steal information or install malicious programs.
  • Email session hijacking — This is when a cybercriminal hijacks your SMTP email server and uses it to send spam or malicious emails to your contacts.
  • Operating system backdoor vulnerabilities — Outdated features or bugs in the operating system could give cybercriminals remote access to your network, allowing them to take control and put your data at risk.
  • Viruses — Firewalls complement your antivirus program, providing an additional layer of security against malware infiltrations.

Firewalls maintain a record of events

In addition to protecting against cyberattacks, firewalls are important for logging and auditing events. By keeping a record of events, system administrators can easily identify patterns and

develop security patches to combat ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Firewalls control inbound and outbound internet traffic

An effective firewall lets you block access to specific websites within your network. It can also block malicious content from outside your network. This feature is important in the workplace to protect employees from accessing potentially harmful sites, as well as websites that can lower their productivity.

Need a firewall installation for your Philadelphia business?

Logic’s firewall solutions can provide your business with a simple, global management system with configured backups and updates, so your network security is always performing at its best. We can also scale our services as your business and technology needs dictate.

Get started by calling 215.240.4490 or reach us through our contact form. You can also get in touch by emailing us at Let us work with you to provide top-quality security for your business systems today.

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