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Verkada Security Installation Services and Philly Healthcare
August 18, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Security installation services can help local healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities in Philadelphia and across the country have become increasingly hectic throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As the patients continue to flood in, our nurses and doctors are fighting every day to help combat the virus and provide the care we all need, so it’s understandable that these facilities are looking for any way they can find to support them.

One solution that may seem surprising is video security installation services. While installing Verkada video surveillance may not seem like the most apparent means to bolster our healthcare facilities in Philadelphia, doing so actually provides numerous benefits.

How Verkada security installation services help healthcare facilities.

Monitoring equipment improves overall safety.

The simple act of having Verkada video surveillance cameras strategically installed throughout a healthcare facility acts as a method of deterrence against wrongdoing and criminal activities. If they are in plain sight and healthcare workers and visitors know they’re being monitored, they’ll be less likely to perform any crimes or actively try to hurt anyone. That creates a work environment that is safer overall so doctors and nurses can focus their attention on patient care.

If something were to happen despite the presence of these security installation services, the facility is better equipped to deal with them. If any criminal or civil charges develop after an incident, the facility can provide video evidence to be used in court. The footage can also help determine who is responsible when something is stolen or damaged within the hospital so appropriate actions can be taken.

Security installation services improve productivity.

While many doctors and nurses don’t need any extra motivation to work hard, knowing that they are being monitored can be a mental spur to remain productive and avoid doing anything unethical. The higher-ups can also review the footage and search for ways to improve day-to-day operations and bolster productivity.

A woman getting her blood pressure tested

Many security systems also provide remote monitoring capabilities in real-time, which can hugely benefit the healthcare industry. A specialist can remote into the facility to help with a diagnosis or provide their professional insights on how to perform certain procedures. This extra support is helpful for the staff and ensures patients receive the best care possible.

Benefits of choosing Verkada security installation services.

Installation is straightforward.

When you’re ready to get your medical facility set up with Verkada security cameras, you’ll be able to implement your strategy quickly because of how simple they are to set up. They operate on Power over Ethernet (POE) which allows it to transmit both data and power simultaneously, so there is no need for any NVRs/DVRs or thick client storage center.

The cameras update automatically.

Since the Verkada surveillance cameras are connected to your network, they can constantly check for new software updates and install them automatically when they are available. Not only does this mean you won’t have to use your in-house team’s time to update them manually, but you can have confidence knowing they’re always up to date with the latest cybersecurity protocols.

You can utilize the latest security technology.

Many Verkada cameras act as sensors in that they track motion throughout your medical facility. They can then process that data using the latest in AI and edge computing to provide actionable insights. Whether it’s studying traffic patterns in hallways or discovering busier periods throughout the day, you’ll gain a better understanding of ways you can improve daily operations.

Does your healthcare facility require security installation services?

Then reach out to our team of experts here at Logic. We’re a managed IT firm with proven experience providing the latest surveillance and security solutions throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. We can help your team diagnose your facility’s unique needs and customize a system to keep it safe and secure.

Learn more about our security services, or contact us to set up your initial consultation.

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