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Using Verkada Security Cameras for your Philadelphia, PA Bank Branch
Using Verkada Security Cameras for your Philadelphia, PA Bank Branch

Security is among the top priorities at your Philadelphia, PA bank branch. And one of the most effective ways to maximize your bank branch’s security is to install powerful surveillance systems. If you’ve been looking to do that by using the most widely capable hardware and software available, you’ve likely come across Verkada security systems.

At Logic, that’s one of the companies whose equipment we specialize in installing for banks and businesses at large so they achieve greater security. We’d like to share with you a few of the top benefits that come with having Verkada security cameras in your Philadelphia, PA bank branch.

1. Easy installation and comprehensive surveillance

Installing Verkada security cameras is a quick process that doesn’t disrupt your bank’s operations. The security cameras also do away with the need for you to purchase NVRs or DVRs, since each unit’s storage is self-contained.

After installation, the security cameras provide your bank with comprehensive surveillance that gives you in-depth visibility into the entire branch, from the lobby to the ATMs just outside. This broad surveillance is essential for your branch if it needs a robust safeguard against ATM fraud.

In addition, Verkada cameras use both onboard footage retention and cloud functionality. This means your bank branch’s security staff can view archived recordings and the live feed from different devices.

And the security cameras are infrared-enabled, allowing them to capture fine detail and provide uncompromised visibility in low-light conditions.

Also, Verkada cameras use low bandwidth, within the range of 20 to 50kbs, so all this functionality comes at no cost to the speed and efficiency of your network.

2. Intelligent monitoring and investigation

Face detection comes standard with Verkada security cameras, and the system can warn you of the presence of previously flagged people of interest, prompting your security team to monitor them carefully.

When searching for certain individuals, the cross-camera search of the system lets you look for the person across all the Verkada security cameras in your branch.

You can do the same for vehicles, tracking all the cars that come into your parking lot or near your branch based on qualities such as model, color, and size. This helps your team stay alert when there’s a high likelihood of suspicious activity.

The crisp 4K image resolution makes it equally easy for staff to manually analyze the footage, especially with dedicated telephoto lenses for zooming while retaining high image quality.

3. Tight Security

Traffic from Verkada security cameras is automatically encrypted so only authorized personnel can access it both onsite and remotely. And the cameras release frequent, detailed audit logs to keep you more informed about the state of your branch’s overall security.

Similarly, Verkada security cameras are equipped to withstand physical vandalism attempts. The bullet series hardware they use comes with sturdy glass, a reinforced lens, and a heavily hardened outer shell.

If you find that there’s a need to bolster your security in other ways, Verkada cameras make it easy to achieve further capabilities. They integrate seamlessly with leading SSO and 2FA security vendors, including Okta and Duo.

Install Verkada security cameras for your Philadelphia, PA bank branch

Logic helps banks strengthen their security and bring it up to the latest standards for improved customer and staff protection. Verkada security cameras can help you achieve the same in your bank branch. Our team of skilled, trusted, and qualified professionals can help you to assess your branch's security and select the most appropriate models. Contact us today to make your bank branch more secure.

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