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How Verkada camera installations can help PHL restaurants
July 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Women looking at a wall of security cameras. With Verkanda camera installation, you'll guaranteed unmatched security solutions for your restaurant.

Every day presents new threats to businesses. Particularly for restaurants, the sheer volume of daily traffic exposes you to increased risks of security breaches. That’s precisely why a Verkada camera installation is critical. An unmatched security solution, at logic, we guarantee to fortify your facility. Since 2008, we’ve delivered unrivaled, tailored IT solutions to Philadelphia. As PHL’s premier IT provider, we offer unparalleled cloud solutions and security surveillance using a conjunction of hardware and software.

Here’s how Verkada security cameras help restaurants:

Easy and customizable

A primary advantage of a Verkada camera installation is how easy it is to use, install, and customize. In mere minutes, these cameras can be set up, scaled to accommodate any restaurant space, and are ready to work right out of the box.

Unlike other cameras, you don’t have to open port forwards or set up VPNs. All traffic is automatically protected end-to-end, and they have the bandwidth to support thousands of cameras without the need for additional equipment or support.

Despite boasting storage for 365 days worth of continuous footage, you don’t even need NVRs or DVRs. Plus, features like filter-based searches and event-driven history make finding crucial footage when time is of the essence easier than ever before.

Whether you need cameras outside or inside, and no matter the size of your restaurant, we have custom security solutions for you. More importantly, we guarantee to keep them managed.

Technological edge

Of the innumerable benefits of Verkada camera installations, the technological edge they provide restaurants is simply unmatched.

Using unrivaled hybrid cloud architecture, these cameras have boundless capabilities that close all security gaps. Most importantly, these cameras offer unrivaled imaging, tracking, and cutting-edge security capabilities.

Using Verkada’s industry-leading computer vision technology, you can analyze events in real-time. This ensures unprecedented speed and efficiency during investigations, and they often yield insights that would have otherwise been impossible.

Verkada cameras enable you to access the footage you need instantly using Motion Detection, People Analytics, and Vehicle Analytics. You’ll never have to sit through hours of impertinent footage again.

By uploading an image, you can conduct a quick Face Search that matches a photo with footage. You can even use filters based on a variety of attributes and find vehicles in footage by applying a similar range of filters.

If you’re interested in a technological edge over both the competition and criminals, logic and Verkada’s security solutions are in a league of their own.

Cloud management

Lastly, one of the biggest appeals of Verkada camera installation is cloud management. This enables you to access your cameras from anywhere at any time. When running a restaurant, you have enough on your plate. This will lighten the load.

With centralized cloud management, you can access and peruse footage easier. When offline, you’ll receive real-time alerts. Additionally, the beauty of cloud management is the functionality of these systems is continuously improved and updated.

Plus, should cameras detect any unusual activity, you’ll be notified, and you can share live footage instantly. This consolidation of all your footage into one cloud management sphere enables you to search footage at unprecedented rates and filter it by date, time, and motion.

By gaining actionable insights in real-time, you can stay ahead of criminals and competition and shore up your restaurant to render it impregnable.

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If you need security solutions in Philadelphia, logic is the leading provider. Particularly for restaurants, Verkada camera installation is a necessary defense against the dangers you can’t anticipate. Since 2008, we’ve rendered custom solutions to an unmatched standard. We don’t simply provide a service; we establish long-lasting partnerships. Contact us now and take our free site survey! Together, we’ll make your security positions impenetrable.

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