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Why Firewall Installation is Important for Your Philadelphia Business
December 30, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Firewall installation in Philadelphia can help protect your business against cyberattacks.

No matter your business, working online is crucial to your efficiency and growth. Email is now the preferred form of communication for daily business operations, allowing you to multitask better than ever, working from a laptop or cellphone throughout the day. But the more we work online, the more vulnerable we are to attacks from hackers.

Many of us have the preconceived notion that only large corporations or companies who work with high-value information are at risk from cyber-attacks. In actuality, a majority of small businesses deal with cybersecurity issues within their first six months of operation. These can range from phishing scams, threats from ransomware, or stem from unprotected supply chains.

Simply put, a firewall installation for your Philadelphia business will protect your network and company against cyberattacks.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is your first defense against hackers. It’s not one single element but refers to hardware, software, or both working to prevent unscrupulous individuals from accessing your company’s data. It operates as a guard post at the edge of your network, monitoring who passes into the network and preventing access based on criteria you set.

By evaluating a device’s location and preset clearance, the firewall can allow it to only access certain parts of your network, even from within the same IP address. There’s an array of kinds of firewalls, each one suited for different business needs:

  • Packet-filtering: provide basic, limited protection for businesses.
  • Next-generation: combines standard firewall protection with an array of added capabilities allowing more effective security.
  • Proxy: filters network traffic at the application level, using both packet next-generation deep-packet filtering.
  • Network address translation (NAT): functions as a go-between the network and outside traffic, hiding individual IP addresses from hackers.
  • Stateful multilayer inspection (SML): makes sure that only trusted sources are allowed access to the network, examining traffic at multiple levels.

These various firewalls’ intricacies developed in response to ongoing network vulnerabilities. As a Philadelphia business owner, you don’t need to sink time into learning the details. The trusted IT team at Logic can install and maintain your company’s firewall to ensure your data stays protected.

Firewall installation is vital for Philadelphia businesses.

You might not think that you have information valuable to hackers. But even things like customer credit card numbers and employee social security numbers leave you vulnerable to a cyber attack. A firewall provides you with the peace of mind that you’re protecting both your client and customer information and your employees.

Every year the rate of cyberattacks increases and firewalls are always developing to thwart new threats. A firewall isn’t something you can install once and forget. By partnering with an IT team to maintain and update your company’s network protection, you’ll never be caught unaware by hackers. Many small businesses who suffer a catastrophic data loss can never recover–firewall installation prevents that outcome.

The Logic team goes beyond firewall installation in Philadelphia to help you stay current with the latest hardware and software, provide IT solutions, and navigate an increasingly online world. We take care of the technology so you can focus on what’s important - your business.

If your Philadelphia business needs a firewall, talk with the trusted IT professionals at Logic.

At Logic, we partner with nationwide businesses to create custom technology solutions and IT support to help them stay secure. Our team has years of experience and training in the latest IT developments. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction, with the goal of developing long-term client relationships.

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